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ShuShuca DESIGN jewelry is inspired by female beauty and nature. Highlighting female beauty is one of the main aspects at our jewellery making. 

We do not set limits when designing jewelry and we have not committed ourselves to any style. As many types of ladies there are as many types of beauty, which can be either: restrained, brave, extravagant, modern or even classic.

Our jewelry includes pieces suitable for everyday wear and any occasions.

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Beads are the classics

Modern colors and shapes are mixed with classic style. Wearing these jewels is guarantees a classy appearance. They are mainly made for festive occasions, but combined with the right outfit, they can also be wonderful accessories on weekdays.

Flower forever

There is a close connection between flowers and femininity.
Fragile, beautiful and admirable. These two are almost inseparable.

Steampunk style

This style is unisex. In order for this jewelry to really take effect, it must match the outfit, which could best be imagined with a more edgy style.

Beach Collection

The beach style that reminds us for a holiday  A great accessory for hot summer days. It’s Unisex.

Ladies wearing ShuShuca jewellery

What Our Customers Say

I couldn't wear larger earrings for several hours until now. I like to wear it because it is light weight and does not hurt my ears. Moreover, it is very beautiful
ShuShuca jewelry is unique and emphasizes natural beauty. You can feel in them the exceptional taste and feminine aesthetics of their maker, they represent refined elegance. When I wear them, I feel really dressed up and complete my look. Thanks!
- Bernadett
Finally have earrings that I can put on whenever I want and that don't hurt my ears.

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