Our Story

Everything began with a dream. I was 4 years old when my parents and I took the bus home from relatives one afternoon. I fell asleep during the long journey. In my dream, I saw a fiery red tulle dress with a wonderful black pearl necklace. This sight captivated me so much that I was under its influence even after waking up. A real sense of happiness and wealth came over me, which left a lifelong impression on me.

This was the moment in my life when I was first touched by the magic of aesthetics. I knew something important had happened to me. From then on, I regularly recalled this experience and the same happiness that I experienced then, in that dream, always permeated me. Later, as I grew up, I noticed that I was also attracted to beautiful pearl jewelry in real life. If I saw a really special piece, I could admire it for hours. I was completely amazed by the shapes and colors.

As an adult, I started different businesses, but somehow I didn’t really find myself in any of them. Then one day, while browsing the net, I saw a site dealing with pearl jewelry. Then, for the first time in a long time, that certain childhood dream came back to me. Suddenly the picture came together. I knew this was what I wanted to do. The interesting thing is that on the same day, an acquaintance of mine contacted me saying that he sells jewelry in our city and would I be interested in doing this as well. I said yes without thinking. At first we only distributed, then we made the jewelry ourselves. During the creative work, we discovered in ourselves the joy that ladies can experience while shopping for jewelry.

Later in my life, many changes happened and I moved abroad. At first I wanted to put jewelry aside, but I got so many inquiries that I realized I couldn’t deviate from my path. So I started my own business and learned new jewelry making techniques, which then brought in even more customers.

I can truly say that my dream has come true. I consider myself lucky to be doing something I love and to bring beauty and happiness to other people’s lives. And the best part is that the more people I make happy with my jewelry, the happier I am.

It's me, Betty , Founder of the ShuShuca Design
Jewellery Making with ShuShuca

How did we become

ShuShuca Design?

ShuShuca is my 16-years-old black cat, who constantly helps me with my creations. While I make the jewelry, she visits me regularly. Sometimes she falls asleep on my lap or falls asleep on the table. Her presence calms and inspires me. She was already present at the start of the business, so I consider her as a real, experienced teammate. This is how the ShuShuca brand was born in 2023.


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